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Florrie - Akhanubis Across The Pond To Annatefkah
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PHC Champ Show June2011

Dagmar Kenis-Pordam
Limit bitch (9, 3 abs) 1. Reeve’s Akhanubis Across the Pond to Annatefkah. Initially not a very eye-catching bitch, standing, but a very good and free on the move, really using her quarters. Nice head with big ears. Profile rather down faced, and her earset is very oblique, so had a rather different expression. Well angulated front quarters, but stands very broad over her elbows. Proper bone for size. Excellent definition of underline, firm topline, croup somewhat steep. Hindquarters of more medium angulation.
UK Paper Leisure Open Show
17th April 2011

Mrs M Boulcott (Ingerdorm)
Reeve's Akhanubis Across The Pond to Annatekah, loved this well balanced dog with that proud elegant head, lovely ear & set, very alert, strong muzzle of good length & oval eye, long muscular neck with arch into well laid shoulders, ribs had depth & spring, topline level & loin long & strong. Good muscletone throughout & on second tight, tail well set, nice white tip to tail & on toes, excellent feet and pasterns, beautiful free flowing movement, a joy to watch.
Dfs Crufts 2011
LB (8)  2 Reeve’s Akhanubis Across The Pond to Annatefkah, elegant, feminine bitch, not yet fully mature. Refined, feminine head, prefer more parallel planes. Moderate bone. Well balanced, she moved cleanly & soundly from all angles. Excellent colour.
Whitstable20th June 2010
Doug Hall (Cliffemere)
0 (6,1) 1 Reeves Akhanubis Across the Pond to Annatefkah IMP USA. Pharaoh holds top line correct on the move, super temperament, good movement coming and going, flowed around the ring, lovely reach of neck BOB
Hound Club of East Anglia Open Show
12th June
Lin McManus
1st Open Pharaoh Hound
Pharaoh Hound Club  CH Show
6th June
Sheila Simm
1st Limit Bitch
UK Paper

23rd May 2010
0 (4) 1 Reeves Akhanubis Across The Pond To Annatefkah (Imp). A graceful bitch of medium size, head well made with almond eye, long neck with slight arch set into a sloping shoulder. deep brisket with a good spring of rib, body well made) good hindquarters, level back when moving soundly round the ring. BOB.
South of England Agric Show
3rd May
Mr. M Caple (Morsefield)
2nd Open Pharaoh
DFS Crufts 2010
12th March 2010
Mrs F A Somerfield
LB (6,1) 1 Reeve’s Akhanubis Across The Pond to Annatefkah, well grown, good front, legs & feet, well bodied, nice hindquarters, moved well once settled.
Romford & District
6th March 2010
Mrs V J Watkinson (Manakoora)
0 . (6,1). 1. Reeve’s, Akhaubis Across the Pond to Annatefkah (Imp). Had everything I was looking for. What a lovely shaped bitch. Moved soundly. Liked her a lot. BOB and Hound G3.
Horley & District Open Show
30th August 2009
Brenda Herbert
O (3,1) 1 Reeve’s Akhanubis Across The Pond To Annatefkah, beautiful bitch, lovely head and expressive ears, alert, well ribbed & not overly muscled, good reach of neck & kept topline on the move, shown and handled well, flowed round the ring, a credit to her handler in the group ring. BOB
Birmingham National
21st May 2009
Jeff Horswell
LB (7) 2 Reeve’s Akhanubis Across The Pond to Annatefkah, very good type, similar to 1 in many ways & close up, quite a good head, correct neck, Could be firmer in topline. Enough hind angulation, very good profile mover. Just a bit wider than 1 coming to; 3 Reeve’s Xemxija Charlotte Gray for Annatefkah.
WELKS 2009
25th April
Malcolm Gibson
LB (5,1)  2. Reeve’s Akhanubis Across the Pond To Annatefkah, elegant bitch, good head,  neck and top, correct tailset and carriage. Just didn’t move as well as 1.
Crufts 2009
Barbara Brooker
PGB (2,1) 1.  PGB (2)  1 Reeve’s Akhanubis Across the Pond to Annatefkah, nice size, very feminine golden tan bitch, pleasing head with almost parallel planes, well set ears, lovely neck into good shoulders, correct return of upper arm, level back, good depth of brisket, pleasing underline, good hindquarters with moderate bend of stifle & well developed second thigh, moved well.
15th January 2009
Eleanor Bothwell
PGB (7) 1 Akhanubis Across the Pond to Annatefkah (Imp) Pharaoh bitch. Set on of ears excellent, keen expression. Lovely front action. Balanced construction. Presented in good condition.
10th January 2009
Roger Wright
PGB (7,2) 1 Akhanubis Across the Pond to Annatefkah. Lovely Pharaoh, quality head and expression, excellent forehand,sound in body and rib, excellent muscling, moved and showed well.
Hound Club of East Anglia  30th Nov 2008
Ian Bond
Pharaoh Hounds Post Graduate (2) 1.  Reeve’s Akhanubis Across the Pond. Lovely bitch of excellent type, with very sound flowing movement. Correct wedge shaped head, erect active ears, elegant neck, firm  topline, deep chest, nicely carried tail. Well muscled  and athletic  looking . BOB
Midland Counties
24th October 2008
Shirley Rawlings
PGB 1 Akhanubis Across the Pond to Annatefkah, presented a good outline, lovely head and mobile ears of good size, long, strong neck into well laid shoulder, good topline with strong loin, nice depth of brisket and well sprung ribs, good front, moved well BB and RCC.
5th September 2008
Stuart Byrne
PGB (2)  1 Reeve’s Akhanubis Across the Pond to Annatefkah (Imp).  Well schooled quality bitch of good size, nice head and expression, with well set ears of good size, excellent forequarters, good outline, muscular rear, looked good on the move, well handled and presented.
South Wales 2008
Gwen Mogford
PGB 2. Akhanubis Across the Pond to Annatefkah, another top quality Pharaoh, feminine head and expresssion, very promising, sound mover and handles well.
Bath 2008
Serena Parker
JB (1) Reeve’s Akhanubis Florrie at Annatefkah, well balanced girl with a pleasing head and expression, straight front, moderate turn of stifle. She was lacking in both body and muscle tone and her movement suffered for this.    
( had been in kennels for a week whilst I was in hospital - GR)
National Dog Show 2008
Pam Marston-Pollock
2. Reeve’s Akhanubis Florrie (IMP). Smaller type, very feminine with quality expression, would like more definition of stop.  Moderate reach of neck, straight in angulation both front and back than 1. Moved well but lacked extension.
West of England Ladies’KS
April 2008
Mr Graham Hill
JB (1) 1 Reev&s Akhanubis Florie at Annatefekah. (Imp). Feminine 15-month-old promising youngster. She has a typy head with pleasing ears of medium size and high set which gives a pleasing picture and expression. True front but would prefer better angulations front and rear. Body of good length and having a true firm top line. Moved out freely with OK front action but tended to crab.
Herts & Essex Borders CS Open Show.
6th April 2008
Brian Ballan
J (1) Reeve’s Akhanubis Florrie for Annatefkah, very promising young bitch with excellent head, eye & expression, ears well up when alerted, nice straight foreleg with good strong pastern, nice straight topline stood & on the move, moved with purpose, should do well.