Annatefkah Pharaoh Hound - Nettikurti
Annatefkah Pharaoh Hound - Nettikurti
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Kermit - Annatefkah Ashai
Kermit Pics2
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South of England

Mike Caple
Cold blustery conditions in a large outside ring meant that although we had the space and freedom to move, some exhibits were very unsettled, under differing conditions places could have changed.
P . (1). 1. Reeve’s, Annatefkah Ashai. BP and BOB. 8 month old dog with lots to like. Well balanced in outline. Attractive head of required blunt wedge. Long, lean and well chiselled. Well carried mobile ears. Long, slightly arched neck with proud head carriage. Well made front and rear. Carries himself really well and moved out soundly. Kept the best outline on the move. If he can gain confidence and relax in the ring he could do well.
Romford 6-03-10
PHARAOH HOUND What a lovely turn out, haven’t seen so many out at Open Shows for a while. Many young exhibits came out on the day, all needed time to settle, sort out their showing routines. All at different stages of development. Some will come together quite quickly; some will take that little more time. Colouring good. Some didn’t have all the required colour (white) white tip on tail strongly desired, while in the chest (the star) and on toes, some had quite a bit of white on the face area. I know a slim white blaze on centre is just permissible but some had more flecking. Heads on a few could have been better. Quarters on some needed bend of stifle. Limb parallel viewed from behind. Second thigh well developed) (per breed standard, required). I will watch this breed with interest to see how these young ones come on and the ones I placed first and BOB etc.

J . (5,1). 2. Reeve’s, Annatefkah Ashai. Another promising exhibit, needs time. Going to be a handsome dog.
WELKS 2011
2 Reeve’s Annatefkah Ashai, well set ear on correctly proportioned head. Lacks depth. Covered ground but needs more precision.