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William - Annatefkah Bakari

17th April 2011
UK Paper Leisure CS Open Show
1st Pharaoh Hound Puppy
Best Puppy in Breed
Judge: Mrs M Boulcott (Ingerdorm)
Theophanides Annetefkah Bakari, very promising young dog with lovely long wedge shaped head, oval eye, & large mobile ears, neck had length, arch& was muscular with slight arch, shoulders well laid & brisket deep, ribs well sprung already & body had length, muscle coming in nicely on rearquarters & stifle moderate... ;-)
29th April 2011
1st Puppy Dog
Mr Nick Bryce-Smith
PD (1) 1 Theophanides’ Annatefkah Bakari, well proportioned for an 8 month old, well set ear on correct head carried on good reach of neck. Good depth & well angulated behind, correct upright hocks, level topline. Needs to settle on the move.
2nd May
South of England Agricultural Society show
1st Puppy
Best Puppy
Pam Ayling
Pharaoh Hound: P (2, 1)1 Theophanides Annatefkah Bakari. Promising 8 month dog with blunt wedge shaped head and mobile ears. Muscular neck, good topline. deep brisket, good angulation and moved freely. Handler & pup would benefit from ringcraft training. BP.
5th June
Pharaoh Hound Club 33rd Championship Show
1st Special Beginners Dog
1st Puppy Dog
Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Mrs Dagmar Kenis-Pordam (Solstrand)
Special beginners dog (2) 1. Theophanides’ Annatefkah Bakari, 8 month old baby, still in  a puppy coat, nice head with good ears, good neck and nice front for his age, with forechest, bone fits his size and make, good feet, good firm topline, more depth of chest will come with age and maturity. Moderate angulation of hindquarters. An attractive puppy of lovely type and size. Very free mover.
11th June
4th Puppy 3 to 18 months
2nd July
Beths Charity Show
1st AV Puppy
Best Puppy in Show
Malcolm Gogh
3rd July
Windsor 2011
2nd Puppy Dog
Dr R W James
23rd July
Kingston CS Open Show
2nd Special Yearling Pharaoh Hound
Bettina Adams (Ardneish)
21st Aug
Kent County CA Open Show
2nd AVNSC Hound Puppy
1st AVNSC Hound Novice
Barry J Kennett (Selinko)
28th Aug
Horley & District Show Society Open Show
2nd Junior
Linda Aldous (Panjsher)
4th Sept
SE Hound Club Premier Open Show
1st Post Graduate Pharaoh
Best Puppy
Mrs Shirley Rawlings.
9th Sept
Richmond Championship Dog Show
3rd Junior Dog or Bitch
Stuart J Mallard (Tuckles)
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